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Point Bonuses

In Dance Central 3, hidden content is unlocked through the progression of levels. To advance to the next level you must acquire a certain number of stars, which are gained from playing songs and earning bonuses.

Bonus Points
DLC Bonus
Play a downloadable song or one of the 76 tracks imported from Dance Central or Dance Central 2.
Fitness Bonus
Play a song with Fitness Mode turned on.
Gold Bonus
Earn 5 gold stars on any song.
New Song Bonus
Play a song you haven't played yet.
Playlist Bonus
Play a song as part of a playlist.
Challenge ATTEMPT
Play a Live Challenge and fail to beat an opponent's score.
1-Star Finish
Earn 1 star on any song.
Moderate Bonus
Play a song ranked "Moderate" (3/7 in difficulty).
Legit Bonus
Play a song ranked "Legit" (5/7 in difficulty).
Perfect Bonus
Play a song and earn a "Flawless" rating for every move.
Character's Birthday
Play a song with a character on that character's birthday.
Hard Bonus
Play a song on the Hard difficulty level.
Hardcore Bonus
Play a song ranked "Hardcore" (6/7 in difficulty).
Off The Hook Bonus
Play a song ranked "Off The Hook" (7/7 in difficulty).
2-Star Finish
Earn 2 stars on any song.
3-Star Finish
Earn 3 stars on any song.
5-Star Finish
Earn 5 stars on any song.
Random Bonus
A bonus 5 points that is awarded to you randomly.

Unlockable Content:

There is an unlockable at every level leading up to 40, which is where the progression slows down. The unlocks are not linear (not every player will unlock Emilia at Level 01) but also not entirely random. The unlocks at the top of the list below are the ones you will encounter first. The unlocks at the bottom of the list will likely be encountered last.

Item Image
Emilia's "DCI Agent" Outfit CharEmiliaDCIAgent
Bodie's "DCI Agent" Outfit CharBodieDCIAgent
Angel's "DCI Agent" Outfit CharAngelDCIAgent
Miss Aubrey's "DCI Agent" Outfit CharAubreyDCIAgent
Taye's "DCI Agent" Outfit CharTayeDCIAgent
Li'l T.'s "DCI Agent" Outfit CharLilTDCIAgent
Mo's "DCI Agent" Outfit CharMoDCIAgent
Glitch's "DCI Agent" Outfit CharGlitchDCIAgent
The "Crow's Nest" Venue Crow's Nest
D-Coy (Dare & MacCoy) CharDareDCClassicCharMaccoyDCClassic
Mo's "Crew Look" Outfit CharMoCrewLook
Glitch's "Crew Look" Outfit CharGlitchCrewLook
Emilia's "Crew Look" Outfit CharEmiliaCrewLook
Bodie's "Crew Look" Outfit CharBodieCrewLook
M.O.C. Crew (Dr. Tan & Oblio) + "Tan Step" (Hidden Song) CharTanCrewLookCharOblioCrewLook
The Glitterati (Kerith & Jaryn) CharKerithHauteBloodedCharJarynHauteBlooded
Miss Aubrey's "Crew Look" Outfit CharAubreyCrewLook
Angel's "Crew Look" Outfit CharAngelCrewLook
Taye's "Crew Look" Outfit CharTayeCrewLook
Li'l T.'s "Crew Look" Outfit CharLilTCrewLook
Mo's "DC Classic" Outfit CharMoDCClassic
Emilia's "DC Classic" Outfit CharEmiliaDCClassic
Taye's "DC Classic" Outfit CharTayeDCClassic
Miss Aubrey's "DC Classic" Outfit CharAubreyDCClassic
Angel's "DC Classic" Outfit CharAngelDCClassic
D-Cypher (Cyph-56 & Cyph-78) CharCyph56CrewLookCharCyph78CrewLook
Jaryn's "Crew Look" Outfit CharJarynCrewLook
Kerith's "Crew Look" Outfit CharKerithCrewLook
Jaryn's "Street Style" Outfit CharJarynStreetStyle
Kerith's "Street Style" Outfit CharKerithStreetStyle
Rasa's "Under Control" Outfit CharRasaUnderControl
Lima's "Under Control" Outfit CharLimaUnderControl
Oblio's "Under Control" Outfit CharOblioUnderControl
Dare's "Under Control" Outfit CharDareUnderControl
MacCoy's "Under Control" Outfit CharMaccoyUnderControl
Dr. Tan's "Like A Boss" Outfit CharTanLikeABoss
Cyph-56's "Battle Damage" Outfit CharCyph56BattleDamage
Cyph-78's "Battle Damage" Outfit CharCyph78BattleDamage
Ninja Crew (Shinju & Kichi) CharShinjuCharKichi
Icon Crew (Marcos & Frenchy) CharMarcosCharFrenchy

Final Unlock:

The final unlockable item in Dance Central 3 is the Golden Boombox. It is unlocked at level 61.

Item Image
Golden Boombox UnlockGoldenBoombox