In Dance Central 3, characters were given official birthdays! The main purpose of which was for the "Go Shorty" achievement in Dance Central 3, which requires players to play the on-disc track "In Da Club" with a character on that character's birthday. On December 24, 2012, Harmonix released a special Dance Central calendar which revealed every character's official birthday.

Character Birthday
IconEmilia EmiliaFebruary 3
IconAngel AngelFebruary 14
IconDare DareFebruary 28
IconTaye TayeMarch 9
IconFrenchy FrenchyApril 13
IconMarcos MarcosApril 18
IconJaryn JarynJune 4
IconKerith KerithJune 4
IconCyph-56 Cyph-56June 11
IconCyph-78 Cyph-78June 11
IconKichi KichiJuly 24
IconMacCoy MacCoyAugust 24
IconShinju ShinjuSeptember 2
IconRasa RasaOctober 16
IconMiss Aubrey Miss AubreyOctober 20
IconLi'l T Li'l T.October 30
IconMo MoNovember 11
IconBodie BodieNovember 23
IconGlitch GlitchNovember 26
IconLima LimaDecember 9
IconOblio OblioDecember 25
IconDr. Tan Dr. TanDecember 31